QOTD #6: Art is War… Expect Resistance!

For today’s quote of the day, we turn to one of my favorite authors, Steven Pressfield. His best selling book, the War of Art has been a text-book for helping creatives break through the blocks and win their inner creative battles for 20 years now!

“Creative work is a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.”

-Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

I remember when I first read this quote. Up until that point, I had been so focused on making money that I was putting the creative work I loved on the back burner. Playing small to earn a “living.” Caught up in the rat race. Mr. Pressfields quote cut through.

Not only was I distracted, but I was being selfish! I had a higher calling that I was betraying. I was “cheating” on my first love. And why?

As hard as it was to admit it at the time, I was scared. I was afraid to try again and fail. I doubted my abilities. I feared other peoples judgment more than mediocrity. I was timid and wrapping excuses in practicality.

That’s the challenge we face as adults living at the speed of life. There will never be a shortage of fear riddled excuses dressed in work clothes. A long list of doubts hiding behind a briefcase. Making a “living” is a racket!

This world and its practicalities are negotiable. We don’t have to lay down to it’s terms and conditions. In reality, our willingness to “make” a living is a deferred life program that promises us more later so someone else can have more now.

Expect resistance and make your escape plan!

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