QOTD #7: What Roles Have You Been Assigned and Don’t Know It?

In today’s quote of the day, I turn to one of my favorite creatives, Jeff Goins. I highly encourage anyone who desires to do or deliver creative work to follow his content and read his best-selling book, Real Artists Don’t Starve.

“The reason many of us never self-actualize is because it’s easier to play a role in life than it is to become our true selves.”

-Jeff Goins

We live in a “fake it til’ you make it” culture that applauds projection more than introspection. The search within is treated like a mystical practice reserved for monks more than an exercise in sanity for a single mother trying to get by.

Naturally, this leads to us learning from a young age to play roles rather than bring our authentic, transparent, and vulnerable self forward.

What are some small ways you display courage today and bring your authentic self forward?

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