QOTD #8: Stop Faking, Start Becoming

Piggy-backing off of the quote I shared yesterday, I’m sharing another quote from one of my favorite authors, Jeff Goins. Today’s quote of the day is another powerful reminder that we need to cast off the roles that others have chosen for us and decide who we TRULY are/what we TRULY desire.

As cliche’ as it may sound, as far as any of us can tell, we’ve only got this one life, so we need to make it count.

“Eventually, you have to decide who you are. You have to choose your role and own that identity. We don’t fake it til’ we make it. We believe it til’ we become it.”

-Jeff Goins

Escaping this “fake it til’ you make it” culture isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if we want to live a life free of should of’s, could of’s, and would of’s, when we arrive at the finish line.

The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Outside of anti-matter and black holes, the most powerful force in the universe is the power to decide.

The word decide is a surgical term at its root because it means to decide and cut off all other options. It isn’t a passive or dull, “I want to”… it’s a sharp and definitive, “I have to”.

As life experience accumulates, the impulse to outsource who we are and what we do to authority figures outside ourselves grows stronger.

At the whims of parents, teachers, politicians, employers, spouses, children, and social influencers, we lose ourself in the desires, dreams, and plans others have made for us. It comes at a price, because we forget to love ourselves.

Today, think of some ways you can show yourself honor and swing the pendullum of practicality in a direction more in your favor. It isn’t selfish to make yourself a priority! All love is an outgrowth of what you feel towards your self.

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2 responses to “QOTD #8: Stop Faking, Start Becoming”

  1. I do try and put myself first, ensuring I am practising enough self care, so that I know I am strong enough to handle what life comes my way. I love the quote at the start of the post. Thank you for sharing.


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    1. So glad to hear that you’re making yourself a priority. I always try to remind myself that all love is an overflow of self-love, because we can’t share what we don’t have.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and taking time to comment on my post! Glad you were able to get something positive out of what I shared ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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