Realworld Monopoly: How I Manifested a Green House

My experience with using creative visualization to manifest my desires is extensive.

At one point when my wife and I were struggling financially, we were living in a 3 bedroom apartment with our 5 kids. Needless to say, but 7 people and a dog in such a small space wasn’t optimal.

After reading and watching some material on harnessing the power of our imaginations to use creative visualiztation to manifest our desires, I decided I would manifest a house for us to rent.

At the time, our credit was shot, so noone was willing to take us on as tenants. Not only was it hard for us to afford the monthly payment to rent a house, but a simple credit check made landlords run for the hills.

Even so, I thought I would give this a try.

I looked online for a house that we would like to rent and could afford. After a couple days of searching, we settled on a green house that would do better than our 3 bedroom apartment to accomodate our family. Reluctantly, my wife and I submitted our application and consent for them to pull our credit.

In the mean-time, I went to work using my new creative visualization techniques to try and manifest a green house.

Monopoly: Buy The Green Houses

Struggling to muster up enough faith to truly feel as if my desire was already met, I had a genius idea. I went into the closet, grabbed our Monopoly boardgame, took one of the green houses, and tucked it in my right pocket.

With the green house now in my pocket, it was much easier for me to tell myself that my desire was ALREADY is my “pocket”… I already had it! Throughout each day, every time I would touch it, I would pause to express gratitude for my ability to manifest my desire and thank the universe (God) for working out the details.

A couple weeks went by and we were nervous, because we hadn’t heard anything from the rental management company about the house. We were trying to keep the faith, but we couldn’t help but think it was just more of what we already experienced up until that point. They probably saw our credit history and moved on.

Making the Call…

As a last display of faith, I did my visualization/gratitude exercise one more time and made a call to the property management company for the green house. When I called them, it seemed like they never even received our application.

I reminded the lady I was speaking to on the phone when we sent the info over and re-forwarded her our original message to ensure her that what I was saying were true. She apologized after seeing that we had sent everything in a couple weeks prior and didn’t know why they hadn’t ran a credit check on us.

At that point, I told the lady that we know we don’t have the best credit but that we were ready to pay a larger deposit to get the house.

Much to our surprise, she accepted our deposit and didn’t even run a credit check on us!

I have two more really cool manifestation stories I will be sharing with you all soon, so make sure to subscribe! In the meantime, let me know in the comments below what cool manifestation stories you guys have.

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