QOTD #12: Bending Reality to Your Will

For today’s quote of the day, we turn our attention to a quote from an author/entrepreneur that I respect, Tim Ferriss. In his best-selling book, The 4-Hour Work Week, he shares the many ways that we can trade the deferred life program for something far more self-serving and interesting.

“Reality is negotiable.”

-Tim Ferriss

Caught up in the practicality of life, it’s far too easy for us to forget that we can take an offensive posture and start calling the shots in how we would like to live/design our lives.

Instead of playing “checkers” from our heels, we can start playing “chess” from our toes. Rather than, passively making a “living” we can start actively designing our lives.

I’m not talking about the rented ferrari with a payday loan to take a picture on IG brand of lifestyle design. I’m reffering to the building an “I love me” date into your busy schedule, set up a date-night to improve your marriage, rat hole a little money each month to invest in an investment property, brand of lifestyle design.

Practical Lifestyle Design

Maybe, starting therapy for some unresolved childhood trauma or quitting drinking is what your lifestyle design plan entails. I quit drinking a couple months ago and it has been a great choice. I enjoy a greater measure of mental clarity, my relationship’s are stronger, and I’m no longer wasting money on something that’s shortening my life span.

What are some small steps you can make to start taking back your power and bending reality to your will? Share what you come up with in the comments below.

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