QOTD #13: Focus on Your Sphere of Responsibility to Manifest More

For today’s dose of Morning Inspiration: Quote of the Day, we draw inspiration from Greg Kuhn, the Law of Attraction Science Guy. I first came into alignment with Mr. Kuhn through one of his books and a money manifestation technique he shared involving pennies and a simple gratitude exercise. It worked!

Today, I want to share a quote I read recently from Mr. Kuhn that exposes a common mistake we make in attempting to manifest our desired outcomes and how to avoid it.

“Your reality is affected by things outside your control every day.  Attempting to align yourself, solely, with certain, specific outcomes can prove to be a setup for disappointment and discouragement.”

-Greg Kuhn, The Law of Attraction Science Guy

When we’re attempting to manifest our desires, we should focus on the many small wins that are right in front of us. Sometimes we can get tunnel vision focusing on things outside the realm of our immediate control to an unhealthy extent and our manifestation practice suffers because of it.

Focus on Influencing Your Sphere of Responsibility (SOR)

Instead of taking on the uphill battle of trying to bend reality to our will, we should look for the many opportunities we have right in front of us to influence the things within our individual sphere of responsibility.

Especially, if we’re a novice first starting out with the law of attraction, manifesting our desires, and creative visualization.

If our desired outcomes are long-range goals, it’s important to account for our patience/tolerance level in setting our intentions. Do we even have the focus or attention to see it through? Many people walk away discouraged without settling in to a manifestation practice that works for them.

Manifestation is something that must be fine-tuned to the individual.

Focus on Opportunities More Than Outcomes

In a recent post, Mr. Kuhn shares some great advice that reminds us to focus on short-term opportunities more than long-term outcomes. This is a sure-fire way to avoid discouragement and dissapointment in our manifestation practice. Mr. Kuhn likens such a practice to rehearsing a play.

This is best done by setting aside 10-20 minutes for rehearsal each morning. This is ample time to cultivate a routine/practice in line with your individual desires/needs.

The key is to reverse engineer your long-term outcomes into short-term opportunities you can influece within your SOR daily. By influencing the opportunities you face daily, you will be pushing as you pull. Your daily behaviors and actions will push you closer to your desire as you align yourself vibrationally with your intention and pull it towards you.

  • Long-term desire/outcome: Lose 25lbs.
  • Short-term desire/opportunity: Simple, easy, NOT hard for me to do meal-prep.

The REAL magic starts to happen when we’re pushing and pulling the levers of opportunity and outcome at the same time.

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