That Time I Manifested Over $11K Doing a Simple Penny Experiment and Gratitude Exercise

In a previous post, I shared my manifestation story of a time when I used a monopoly gamepiece to manifest a green house. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a list of some pretty cool manifestation stories.

Today, I’d like to share one of my more miraculous stories. Back when I was attending college in 2016, I had been researching the law of attraction and ran into some content by Greg Kuhn. In one of his YouTube videos, he shares a simple money manifestation technique involving pennies.

The logic behind Mr. Kuhn’s penny experiment, is that manifesting a penny is easier than trying to manifest a million dollars. In the money “kingdom” a penny is viewed as the “black sheep” of the monetary hierarchy. For this reason, people often throw them on the ground so they don’t have to deal with annoying change in their pockets.

Using a Penny to Manifest Money

The manifestation practice is fairly self-explanitory and simple. It starts with you setting the expectation to find (manifest) pennies. The key is to set the expectation in a posture of faith – already believing you’ve manifested them; you just need to find them.

After you’ve manifested (found) a penny, you pick it up and express a genuine feeling of gratitude. The key being, to exhibit gratitude for being able to manifest money and cooperate with the universe (God) in supplying abundance. It may seem silly at first, but persist in the practice. It will get easier as you go.

Once you’ve manifested pennies, you can work your way up the monetary hierarchy; focusing on manifesting nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars. As your denomination of money gets greater, so should your faith in the process.

After I started my penny experiment, my young kids took notice and I taught them how to manifest money too. They told their friends and a small army of family and neighborhood friends were working together to acheive coherence.

The Mysterious $11,000+ Check Deposit

About a week later, while I was in class, I received a phone-call from my wife. Worried something might be wrong, I rushed out into the hall to take her call. When I answered, I expected to hear something was wrong with one of the kids. Much to my surprise, my wife began to tell me about a mysterious bank deposit on our account.

With no knowledge of what the check deposit was for, a deposit of over $11,000 was made to our bank account. The REAL kicker being this was an account we were no longer using!

We called the bank to make sure it was legit and the lady on the phone assured us that the deposit was real. In her words, “it must be your lucky day!”

Up until that point, my wife wasn’t aware of the penny experiment that the kids and I had been doing. I’m fairly certain that I sounded like a crazy man trying to explain to her that the kids and I had manifested that money picking up pennies.

Before I tried Greg Kuhn’s penny experiment, I read his book, Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone whose interested in exploring how modern science/quantum physics is revolutionizing personal development and our view of reality.

If you have a cool manifestation story share it in the comments below. If you’re interested in receiving a FREE copy of Greg’s book, comment below and subscribe. Once 10 commentors have subscribed, I will randomly select one lucky winner!

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