QOTD #14: A Reminder to Breathe

For today’s Quote of the Day, I wanted to share a simple (but necessary) reminder to breathe. It’s easy to overlook or minimize the simple blessings while living at the speed of life.

Just take a moment to take a few deep breathes and focus on the gift of the present moment/life.

“Breathe deeply enough and you can feel the joy above the struggle, the peace beneath the pain, and the love everywhere.” 

-Jennifer Healey

Noone’s asking you to spend 30 minutes – 1 hr. meditating (not that this is bad). Just breathe deep enough and long enough to find physical/emotional equilibrium. Just long enough to rise above the tension and tedium of life.

Do you feel better? If it feels good and time permits, go for another round. This time focusing on deeper layers of peace and gratitude. Allow positive memories and experiences to flood your mind as you take life and love in.

If you’re like me and struggle with quieting your mind and meditating. Just do short breathing appointments throughout the day. Push passed the expected inertia you experience when implementing something new, but make sure it doesn’t become a “chore.”

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