My Overnight Transformation Experience

Back in 2015, I was working a sales job and things were not going well. In my sales postition, I had a quota I was supposed to meet to remain employed. In order to meet minimal expectations, I needed to generate 4 new deals for the company each week. At the time, it had been over 2 weeks since I landed my last deal, and it looked like I would be fired the coming Friday.

Nothing was working. I had received remedial training from our sales trainer, personal training from a couple of the top sales producers for the company, and I was reading sales books in my spare time. All had fallen short.

Sensing the writing was on the wall, I went home that Thursday night fully expecting to be fired and receive my last check the next day.

That Thursday night, with my job hangin in the balance, I couldn’t sleep. I was too embarassed to admit to my wife that I was failing at my job miserably and would soon be fired. In desperation, I turned to some resources an old friend had recommended to me some years back but had never took seriously, at the time.

One of the resources was the law of attraction movie, The Secret. Depending on who you asked, that movie was either the “holy grail” of self development or a bunch of pseudo-science BS! I was desperate and had nothing to lose.

After I watched the movie, I felt hopeful, inspired, and motivated. I stayed up the better part of that night reading about the law of attraction, creating positive affirmations, and watching YouTube videos on the subject.

I probably only got a total of an hour and a half of sleep that night, but I woke up to my alarm feeling focused, confident, and prepared. Before I left the house, I set my intention and reveiwed my positive affirmations.

On my 15 minute commute that Friday morning, I hyped myself up with upbeat music and telling myself who I really was and what I was going to do that day. I must of looked crazy to those who saw me on the way to work that morning as I yelled at myself, zipping confidently through traffic.

By the time I sat down at my desk and dawned my headset that Firday, I felt like a new man. Just the day before, I sat down at the same desk feeling like a a complete loser. THAT guy didn’t show up that Friday. Somehow, overnight, I had recreated myself and tapped into a hidden reservoir of confidence.

That day, all the scripts I struggled to remember days before danced off my tongue smooth and effortlessly. I didn’t sound timid or rehearsed. I pushed through gatekeepers like I owned the keys to the kingdom; quickly earning the trust of decision makers like a long lost friend. I was no longer afraid to hear no, I welcomed it, because it saved me time and my mission was clear.

I had somehow transformed overnight and went on to tie the record for most deals in one day (5 deals). Over the course of the next 30 days, I had made more deals than all other sales reps combined and was promoted to corporate sales in record time.

In looking back on my overnight transformation experience, I can sum it up in one quote from Napoleon Hill…

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

-Napoleon Hill

By far, the biggest barrier to acheiving uncommon results is our capacity to believe that what we want to acheive is possible. Our actions will always follow our beliefs. An overnight transformation is only possible for the person that believes such a thing is within the realm of possiblity.

If we want to acheive superior results than what we’ve been able to produce, we have to focus on extending the boundaries of what we conceive is possible. Miracles and spontaneous remissions are rare, but they take place; taking place in environments that make room for such things to occur.

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