MOTW #3: A Beautiful Mind Starring Russell Crowe

For this week’s Watch This! Movie of the Week, I recommend you watch/rewatch A Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe.

This movie does a marvelous job showing the link between genius and insanity. A theme that I frequently visit to help me personally cope with and dignify my struggles with combat related PTSD and Bipolar Disorder.

I’m encouraged and inspired by those who defy the odds and find a way to turn their mental illness into a superpower. This movie documents a powerful account of a great mathmatical/scientific mind dancing at the threshold of insanity to accomplish great things.

For anyone who may have read the book by the same name, the movie does differ from the book in a few notable ways. The focus of the movie centers on Nash’s mental health issues and how they affect those around him, especially his wife Alicia.

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