Wednesday Wisdom #1: Insights, Nuggets, and Sparks of Genius

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

-Thomas Jefferson

What if we woke up every day thinking of ourselves as someone we needed to take care. Say a younger version of ourselves that needed guidance from an older, ideal version of ourselves?

In this mentor/mentee relationship, would we be more friendly and helpful? Could we be more attentive and understanding as we navigated each day?

There’s no doubt that taking this posture towards ourself would create more self-awareness. Such a partnership would demand it.

In nuturing this level of self-awareness, honesty would remain in high-demand. The person we’re becoming would need to gain the trust of the person we once were in close fellowship.

Like any other relationship, this requires trust and integrity.

If we can’t be honest with ourselves (plural) how can we be honest with anyone else. Especially, in areas of our character where we’ve been telling ourselves lies long enough to believe them.

Show yourself some grace! Have mercy on the previous, younger, naive, mis-informed, ignorant interation of yourself. Then provide him/her wise counsel.

Heal the old you, and the ideal you will appear.

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