QOTD #20: Impossible or I’m Possible?

“My mistake wasn’t in saying something was impossible, but in saying something was impossible before I knew it.”

-Moran Cerf

Moran Cerf said it was impossible to record dreams, 3 years later someone in Japan was doing it and he was invited to work on the team.

In their hit song, What Faith Can Do, Kutless penned this thought-provoking lyric, “impossible is not a word; it’s just a reason for someone not to try.”

When I was younger, I heard my grandmother say something that has always stuck with me. I forget the reason why she said it, or if she had said it in response to me, but she said, “I can’t never could do nothing.”

Can’t is such disempowering word, because it shuts off the faculty of our brain that generates creative thinking.

The Power of What If…

I’m much more a fan of What If…

What If there’s a way and it just requires me to exhibit some faith and be willing to try?

What if there’s a solution but I need to look in less obvious places to find it? ‘

What if the resources I need are within my network and I just need to have the courage to ask?

Words Are Fragile

As is said, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”

None of this is purely semantic. Words are powerful things. They can tear down and they can build up. Use them wisely. Learn to temper your speech so you can empower yourself and others within you sphere of influence.

Consider/meditate on this and that

Reconcile within yourself to not trap yourself with your words. Deploy words that keep the doors of opportunity open.

Let’s Talk Resources

This world isn’t as scarce as the political opportunists would have us believe. The news definitely doesn’t benefit without pusing a steady diet of scarcity.

It takes resourcefulness and a decent amount of critical thinking to read (drive) between the lines on the infomation highway.

I don’t advocate for you to accesorized with rose colored glasses. There’s plenty of elbow room for rational optimism, though.

“Rational optimism does not start with rose-colored glasses. It starts with a realistic assessment of the present. It starts with realism, both the good and the bad.”

-Shawn Achor

In this world, there truly is no lack of resources; only a lack of resourcefulness.

Don’t Be Shy!

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