Monday Mirror #2: Personal Reflections that Increase Self-Awareness

For today’s installment of The Morning Mirror: Personal Reflections, I would like to share a quote from a blogpost I read recently about escaping the illusion of lack by tapping into the Abundance Matrix.

“What if the only thing keeping us from healing + thriving, is our belief that we don’t deserve it?!”

-Amanda Flaker

For many of us, we struggle to overcome the mental and emotional conditioning we’ve learned over the years. We live in a state of lack and scarcity because we’ve been conditioned to doubt that we deserve the things we want or desire.

As a means to cope with these soul degragating emotions, we justify our addiction to lack and scarcity by writing off our desires for more/abundance as selfish or ungrateful. The problem is, lack and scarcity are part of a grand illusion that is no longer conguent with what we now know about nature.

The quantum field that surrounds us all is the storehouse of abundance and infinite possibilities yet to be materialized.

Heal the Boy, Reveal the Man

I’m 39 years old now, and I still have to remind myself that the house my wife and I purchased a year ago is mine. My childhood conditioned me to be a nomad, because I had moved over 50 times by the time I was 17.

For me, the challenge is that my concious reality and my subconcious conditioning is at odds. I’m a homeowner that’s still wired to remain detached, not allow myself to get too comfortable, wander, even hide.

When it comes to my nomad nature, I’m still very much a lost boy with a middle-aged man as a host. Am I REALLY worthy of this home? As is said, “heal the boy, reveal the man.” As hard as it is for me to admit, when it comes to lving arrangements, I’m still VERY much a childish little boy.

Not Either or, but, Both And…

For those of us who have lived most of our lives in survival mode, we forget that life can be different. At some point, we stop believing that we deserve different. That we can hope for, seek, aspire to, and pursue better.

This isn’t to say that being content or grateful for what we have now is at odds with our pursuit of better. I would argue that an acknowledgment of both at the same time, in the same space is not only possible, but necessary.

Practice contentment and genuine gratitude for all you have WITHOUT suppressing your desires to gain and acheive more.

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  2. […] Monday Mirror #2: Personal Reflections that Increase Self-Awareness […]


  3. […] Monday Mirror #2: Personal Reflections that Increase Self-Awareness […]


  4. […] Monday Mirror #2: Personal Reflections that Increase Self-Awareness […]


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