Seeing Through the Simulation: Decoding the Object of Life and Living

“Reality is an illusion; albeit, a persistent one.”

-Albert Einstein

Most of us are steeped in a materialistic worldview that is wrong on two fronts: It’s both outdated and helplessly boring. Many of us, caught up in the tedium of life are also okay with that, because scientific thought experiments don’t necessarily keep us up at night, help raise a family, save a marriage, or pay the bills.

For an inquisitive adult that hasn’t let living at the speed of life completely canabalize their curiosity, words like “helplessly boring” and “outdated” don’t get a pass. We won’t allow it. And for lack of better terms…

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For the curious crowd… downloading the latest version of REALITY isn’t just important, it’s necessary! Realities design is responsive and if there are a whole host of new and exciting user generated content features that make life’s design more intuitive… why not!?

You see, if updating our worldview is akin to fixing some really annoying software bugs that slow us down and hold us back in life… we’ve got time for that! And if we didn’t, we’d make time for it; if it meant being able to live a more optimal life with a better user experience.

Reality 4.0: Did You Get the Update?

While the simulation theory has been a fixture of science fiction for decades now, it started to gain steam within scientific circles in the early 2,000’s.

Building on many paradigm shifting discoveries within quantum physics, the simulation theory, as a means to explain the nature of reality/our existence is no longer considered far-fetched, but is actually highly plausible.

The simulation theory or hypothesis is built on the idea that what we experience or interpret as “reality” is actually a super advanced computer simulation. The term was first used by Nick Bostrom, a professor at Oxford University in his 2003 paper, “Are You Living In a Computer Simulation?”

Most people are familiar with this hypothesis through the widely popular science fiction movie, The Matrix.

Exposing Glitches In The Matrix

If this be true and we are indeed living in a highly advanced computer simulation, we should expect to see glitches/bugs in the programming, at some point in “game play”.

These glitches would most likely be written off as mass halucinations by the materialists. Such is the case when it comes to what’s called the Mandela Effect. This phenomenon earned its name when many people believed that Nelson Mandela died while in prison during the 80’s – A “false” memory that supposedly never ocurred.

One of the most popular Mandela effects involves the popular 80’s actor/comedian Sinbad. Many people (including me) remembers a movie from the 90’s called Shazaam where Sinbad played a genie. For decades, people have sworn this movie never existed.

You be the judge…

Game Theory: Seeing Through The Simulation

Closely related to simulation theory is game theory. If reality is a computer simulation it isn’t a stretch to infer that there must be an object to it. After all, all games or simulations have an object to them.

If reality is a computer simulation what would be the object of the simulation?

Many religious and spiritual disciplines have a lot to say about this subject. In the judeo-Christian traidition, the object of the simulation is to worship the one True God and live a Godly life. The object of life is to express genuine faith, shun evil/the kingdom of darkness, and be a force for good in the world.

This good/evil pardigm has existed for all of recorded history and continues to pervade most movies and popular media.

In this “game” of life, there’s a Heaven to win and a Hell to conquer.

The Game of Life: Using “Cheat” Codes

According to game theory, not only is there an overarching objective in our simulation, but what if life is a game that can be won or lost?

We’ve already talked about glitches, but another important facet of game simulations are secret features and the ability to use cheat codes.

Maybe such cheat codes unlock a host of special features that aren’t part of normal gameplay. These features would take place at the metaphysical/supernatural level. These features would be miraculous and rare, but would be “real” none-the-less.

Faith would be one special feature or cheat code that players could use to expose glitches in the simulation. This would account for miraculous events and spontaneous remissions that are considered supernatural. While these occurences are rare, there are conditions that they take place.

I’ve documented some of my personal experiences in the supernatural HERE and HERE.

Don’t Be Shy!

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