Spiritual AF! #3: The 4 Phases of Spiritual Development

In our 2nd post in the Spiritual AF! series, we need to talk about some guidlines and set some benchmarks to help us chart an intentional course in our spiritual development journey.

Many people will refer to themselves as being spiritual but not religious. This is a good distinction to make. But far too many people claim to be spiritual but don’t have a consistent spiritual practice. At that point, what good is their spirituality? They are like a wave tossed in the ocean.

So today, lets lay down a spiritual foundation by reviewing the 4 Phases of Spiritual Development.

Phase 1: The Philosopher/Victim: Life is happening to me

Many people who claim to be spiritual but don’t have a consistent/intentional spiritual development practice remain stuck in phase one. They are curious about spiritual topics but it never really becomes anchored into their lives to the point of informing their values and guiding their behaviors.

In this condition, they remain a beggar. They have spiritual-like desires and aspirations, but no intentional blueprint to actualize what they desire and aspire to be. In spite of their desires and aspirations, they remain a slave to the staus quo with no means of escape.

In order to trascend this state and start the process of self-discovery and self-actualization, they must stop living as if life is happening TO them, and realize that life is happening THROUGH them.

This requires deeper levels of intentionality and committment. A necessity to transition from being a philosopher to a practitioner. Not just knowing OF spiritual concepts, but putting them into practice.

Phase 2: The Prince/Princess – Life is happening by me

In phase 2 in our spiritual development, we’ve taken responsibility for our lives. We understand that it’s up to us to pull the levers of inspiration and motivation to move into deeper levels of spiritual awareness and practice. This doesn’t just come with responsibility but a higher level of authority.

Life isn’t happening to me, it’s happening BY me and I take my lot in life seriously. I will weild my spiritual authority wisely. I’m a diligent student and a faithful practitioner. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m actively seeking them and am knowledgeable enough to share what I’m learning with others.

I’m using affimations, divine declarations, and decrees to manifest the things I want and create better outcomes in my life. I’m moving into higher states of consciousness and harnessing creative visualization to bring my vision to life.

Sometimes, I slip back into phase 1 consciousness, but I never stay there long. I’m a conscious-creator and I remain accoutable to others and my personal sphere of influence.

Phase 3: The King/Queen – Life is happening through me.

This is a very enlightening phase to acheive and operate in. Usually, you will find yourself vascilating between phase 2 (80%) and 3 (20%) for quite some time. This is where I’m at in my spiritual development. I’m not completely settled into phase 3 most of the time.

In phase 3, you’ve reached a level of self awareness and spiritual development that you find yourself in cooperation with the universe at a level where surrender doesn’t feel like abandonment. Let me explain…

Your wants and desires no longer drive you. Manifesting becomes a bi-product of who you are and not what you have or long to be.

The best way I can desbribe it, is you no longer feel a longing tugging at you from outside of yourself. You have a yearning pushing from your internal essence out into the world. Life is flowing through you in brighter beems of gratitude, understanding, compassion, empathy, and love.

Phase 4: The God/Goddess – Life is happening as me.

In phase 4 of your spiritual development, your ego is completely desolved and you no longer have any sense of otherness. You see the bigger picture and you can see existence from a “Gods-eye view.” In spiritual terms, the best way to desbribe it is like THIS.

In my spiritual discipline and practice, you’ve acheived what’s called Theosis/Deification.

“God became man so that man can become God.”

-Saint Athanasius

In Christian mysticism, this level of spiritual development is also referred to as Christ Consciousness. In His carnation on this earth, Christ saw Himself as a spirtual being having a human experience; NOT a human being having a spiritual experience.

He recognized the immortality/pre-existence of His soul in union with God. He claimed oneness with the divine masculine, and lived in co-operation with the Holy Spirit (divine feminine). He taught that death was not final and set the expectation that the human soul would be raised up (resurrected).

Christian mysticism shares a lot of the same philosophical roots as Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah). The different being that the incarnate Christ served as a mediator between the human and the divine.

Don’t Be Shy!

Let me know in the comments below what phase of spiritual development you’re in. If you like this kind of content, make sure to subscribe below.

I’d love to hear from you! If you have questions, would just like to say hi, or have a good joke to share, feel free to reach out to me at info@danielfortune.blog. When time permits, I personally respond to each and every email I receive.

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