Creative Visualization: See it, Feel it, Trust it

For anyone who has been following my content for some time, they will know that I’m a faithful advocate and practitioner of creative visualization.

The power of the human mind and the faculty of our imagination often goes unexplored and untapped for most of us in adulthood.

To this, I say, “Say it ain’t so!”

With this said, creative visualization means different things to different people, so what brand of creative visualization am I talking about?

What is Creative Visualization?

When I speak of creative visualization, I’m reffering to the art of deliberate creation. The practice of harnessing your imagination to visualize your desired outcome and manifest what you desire.

I’ve written extensively about how to do this.

In an effort to simplify how to use creative visualization to deliberately manifest your desires, I will be sharing the SFT framework.

The SFT framework I will be sharing with you today is a simple process that will help you manifest your desires faster.

The SFT Framework of Creative Visualization

The SFT framework for creative visualization is a short acronym that will help you simplify your manifestation practice.

The S in SFT stands for See It.

This step in our framwork involves harnessing your imagination (your minds eye) to see your desires playing out.

S: See It

Closely related to seeing it (what you desire) coming to pass involves rehearsing or practicing the act of deliberate creation. This involves consistency.

When we see, rehearse, or practice creative visualization with enough intensity and frequency, the quantum field (Source/God), as law, must manifest what we desire.

It’s as if, we’ve exposed a glitch in the system and the quantum field rushes to correct the glitch. I shared more about the science of these “glitches” and how to expose them in a previous post.

Because our subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined, when we practice creative visualization, we’re setting out to deliberately create whatever it is that we imagine.

F: Feel It

The next letter in our SFT framework is F, and F stands for Feel It.

Once we have a vivid picture of our desire coming to pass in our minds eye (imagination), we must elicit or induce the same emotions we would feel if we were actually participating in that event.

We must ACTUALLY feel exactly how we would feel when our desire is playing out.

We both have to see it vividly and feel it intensely.

It’s in this feeling it stage that most people flaunder in their creative visualization practice. They are unable to induce the right emotional signatures to expose a glitch in the quantum field.

As Tesla once famously said, if we want to find the “secrets of the universe”, we must think in terms of, “energy, frequency, and vibration.”

As I’ve written about previously, emotion is energy in motion. If you’re interested in the science behind this, watch the documentary E-Motion.

T: Trust It

After we’ve created a vivid picture in our minds eye, have induced the emotional state that we would experience when our desires come to pass, the last step in our SFT framework is to Trust It.

In trusting that the universe will manifest our desires, we are settling into a calm and confident expectation that whatever we desire is already ours. In this space, there’s no wanting, only believing.

For many of us, we may have to grow our beliefs inorder to enter a fixed postion of calm, confident expectation.

Trusting invoves having faith that our desires are assured to us. All doubt has been vanquished and all that remains is a prevailing trust in supernatural provision.

So far from being wishful thinking, this supernatural provision is encoded in the fabric of reality as natural law. All we have to do is see it, feel it, and trust it.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite manifestation experiences are.

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Daniel Fortune - Minding My Own Madness
Daniel Fortune – Minding My Own Madness

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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